Medallia Services

commonFont specializes in optimizing Medallia platforms. We provide a full suite of Medallia Professional Services that range from advisory to solution design and activation.

“commonFont identified how they could best serve us, helped us put a plan in place, and then executed it perfectly. Their level of expertise in the Medallia technology and their ability to teach and train are unmatched in the marketplace. Our work with commonFont gave us the confidence and tools we needed to take our Medallia platform to the next level. They provided level 10 service, coaching, and training.”

Blair McHaney, CEO | MXMetrics

We are known for our deep expertise in the technical and business aspects of XM, advanced platform and data integration capabilities, and exceptional client experience.

Worry Less, Win More: How a Great Managed Services Partner Can Be Your Dream Team

In the pursuit of great customer experiences, companies face continually increasing customer expectations and complex challenges. For companies powering the XM program with SaaS technology, managed services are critical to keep your platform fresh, relevant, and in sync with your organization’s evolving XM goals.