Mission & Vision

The inspiration for commonFont’s name was taken from a fountain in a public piazza in Italy, spring-fed, ever-flowing, and shared by everyone in the community. For the clients and employees whom we serve, commonFont plays a similar role: we are a source of connections with others, shared benefits, and continuous learning and renewal. We’re on a mission to improve the lives of every person whom we touch. Come join us.


Abby Schlatter


Abby grew up on a farm, graduated from Harvard, and then built and led teams in a warehousing operation. She earned an MBA from Stanford before helping to reinvent an engineering company as part of the executive team. Abby’s path led to Medallia and then to commonFont, where she has fully realized a lifetime of learning about the importance of hard work, the power of teams, and the value of strong relationships.

Matt Fulton

Managing Director, Solutions Consulting

Before partnering with Abby to build commonFont, Matt joined Medallia during its bootstrapping phase and eventually led Medallia’s global Client Services team. Prior to commonFont and Medallia, Matt honed an obsessive attention to detail and a passion for serving others while leading teams at McMaster-Carr, managing clients at a logistics company, and studying history and chemistry at Wake Forest University.

Joel Maxwell

Managing Director, commonFont Providence

Joel joined commonFont to open the East Coast office and contribute to the leadership team. He previously spent 15+ years leading human resources, operations, and finance at McMaster-Carr, where he developed a passion for recruiting, developing, and effectively organizing people and teams. Joel studied history at Harvard and later earned graduate degrees in education and business.

Our Team

We come from diverse backgrounds, but we are united by our values and culture. We are committed to advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion within our organization and beyond.

Lead by serving. We serve others with empathy, compassion, thoughtfulness, and humility.

Deliver exceptionalism. We set incredibly high standards, and we continually raise the bar.

Long-term perspective. We invest in people, relationships, and community for the long haul.

Learn, adapt, improve, repeat. Our organization’s success is driven by our ability to learn and evolve as individuals.

Solve problems. We approach tough and ambiguous challenges with creativity, passion, curiosity, and optimism.

Take ownership. We take responsibility for our personal performance and for the success of the projects and people whom we touch.

Common and whole. We believe in the importance of the whole person, not just the part that shows up to work every day. We believe that how we approach a problem matters just as much as the solution we develop to address it. We believe that when people come together to advance a common purpose, everything is possible.

Featured Team Member

Angie Rutherford, Engagement Manager

In her work at commonFont, Angie brings analytical skills gained through extensive work in the biological sciences and communications skills forged through years of service in the public sector. Before commonFont, Angie taught high school science, served as a community planner, and spent a year on a construction crew at the South Pole. She uses this mix of hard and soft skills to deliver uncommon quality to commonFont customers.

Angie earned her BA in Environmental and Evolutionary Biology from Dartmouth College and her Masters of Environmental Science from the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies. Her education taught her to identify patterns in large, messy systems.

Angie spends her free time with her husband and dog, loves to explore the surrounding Bozeman wilderness on foot, and is a sucker for a hard workout and a great cinnamon roll.


Bozeman | Montana

Set in a valley at the base of the Bridger Mountains, Bozeman is surrounded by 5 mountain ranges, 3 world-class fly-fishing rivers, 2 ski resorts, and Yellowstone National Park. The landscape is rich and wild, and it is home to tech entrepreneurs, academics, scientists, ranchers, and lovers of the outdoors. Bozeman’s people are entrepreneurial, hard-working, and committed to the community, making it the perfect spot for commonFont.

Area Population: 100K | Annual days of sunshine: 300 | College Town

Providence | Rhode Island

With 400 miles of picturesque coastline, the Ocean State’s capital city is well situated for exploring Rhode Island’s beaches, rivers, and islands as well as cities like Boston and New York. Known as “The Creative Capital,” Providence has a heavy concentration of artists, academics, entrepreneurs, and chefs. It offers a talented workforce and a welcoming ‘small town in the big city’ feel that makes it a great spot for commonFont’s second office.

Area Population: 1.6M | Annual beach days: 365 | College Town

Bozeman Highlights

Bozeman Area


WEATHER 300 days of sun per year Average temps: July 82ºF / Jan 32ºF

GROWTH Sixth fastest growing “micropolitan” area in the nation

WALKABLE AND BIKABLE 80 miles of trails in and around town

Economic Hub

ENTREPRENEURIAL ACTIVITY Montana rated #1 for startup activity by The Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity

COLLEGE Montana State University, Division 1, undergrad and graduate-level degree programs, enrollment 15,000

AIRPORT Direct flights to San Francisco, New York, LA, Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Minneapolis, Seattle, and beyond

Quality of Life

THE BEST PLACE TO LIVE Outside: Best Towns, Fodor’s Travel: Best Small Towns, National Geographic: World’s Best Ski Towns

PUBLIC SCHOOLS Bozeman High School ranked #1 in the state, #731 in the nation

CULTURE Museum of the Rockies, Symphony, Opera, Dance, Theater, Sweet Pea Arts Festival, Gallery Walk

Outdoor Recreation

SKI RESORTS Bridger Bowl (20 min.), Big Sky Resort (45 min.)

HIKING, BIKING AND CLIMBING 5 mountain ranges with rock and ice climbing, hiking, Nordic skiing, camping, and mountain biking

WORLD CLASS FLY FISHING Gallatin River (5 min.), Madison (20 min.), Yellowstone (30 min.)