Women in Leadership

commonFont’s ongoing forum to connect, promote, and advance women leaders in XM

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X4 Women in Leadership Happy Hour

Join us for a happy hour event hosted by commonFont’s CEO, Abby Schlatter, and connect with women leaders in CX. This event is specifically designed to provide a space for women in leadership roles, as well as those who support women in leadership, to network and form meaningful connections during X4. Complete the form below to save your spot.


Featured Webinar: Transforming Leadership

Blackhawk Network SVP of Global Operations & Transformation Cara Renfroe joined commonFont CEO Abby Schlatter for a conversation that explored key opportunities and challenges women leaders face today, as well as Cara’s success advancing in customer-driven organizations.

Women in Leadership

Hosted by commonFont, the Women in Leadership community aims to celebrate, connect, and advance individuals who identify as women, including today’s leaders and those who aspire to leadership.

About commonFont

commonFont is a premier professional services firm focused exclusively on Experience Management. We work with global brands to amplify the impact of Customer and Employee Experience technology and improve omnichannel experiences at scale.

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This community welcomes all participants: those who identify as women and the colleagues with whom they collaborate to drive success. We hope you’ll join us for future Women in Leadership events.

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