The common thread of great women leaders + how to empower more

By: Creative Alignments

What is the common thread that runs through the long line of women who’ve changed the course of history? They were unapologetically themselves, using their voices and ideas to create change, often raising up others with them. As Rosalynn Carter said “A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don’t necessarily want to go, but ought to be.”

While some women set out to change the course of history, more did so through their everyday actions. This Women’s History Month, we’re celebrating by hearing from three female entrepreneurs about their impact and how they elevate and empower other women to launch into leadership.

Abby Schlatter, Founder and CEO, commonFont

“Working in the male-dominated tech industry can be intimidating for women. As a female leader, I lead with boldness and authority, and I share my point of view. I encourage others to step into their confident voices and do the same.

I have a deeply held belief that if people are given enough exposure, opportunities, and encouragement, they will be able to achieve anything. Believing that you can and having other people believe in you are very powerful motivators. This is what we strive to do at commonFont. We bring in teammates with diverse perspectives who have the potential to step forward and up, and then we equip them with support, coaching, and empowerment to grow into their full potential and confidence.

One way we do this is by recognizing that teammates have different needs at different stages in their careers and lives. We are open to how people seek to evolve over time, and with that, we promote and develop their strengths to help them take the next step. Another way is by recognizing performance and contributions based on the collective achievements of teams, versus only celebrating individual performance. This opens new avenues for leadership and recognizes the diverse contributions of teammates, including women.”

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