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Reserved exclusively for commonFont clients and community members, confluence offers the opportunity for XM professionals to learn, share, and support one another to set ambitious goals.

The in-person event includes:
  • Two and a half days of content, activities, meals, and entertainment
  • Breakout sessions and workshops focused on XM problem solving with practitioners from leading Fortune 500 organizations
  • Time to build relationships in a variety of non-conference settings (mountain biking, hiking, sunrise yoga, brewery tastings, and more)
  • Inspirational keynotes from thought leaders you won’t see on the traditional conference circuit
Building Meaningful Relationships

Attendee Reflections

“The best part about confluence was getting to interact with other CX leaders. Relationships that will last going forward!”

“Each company has a different journey and we aren’t in it alone. Learning about these journeys, best practices, and challenges was eye-opening and inspiring.”

“The participants were fabulous and willing to share their experiences, as were the speakers.”

An Opportunity for Growth

confluence by commonFont

“When your customers need help, you need a deep bench of competent and caring partners that you can go to. If you were to ask me who is at the top of that list, commonFont is at the top.“

Brad Anderson, President of Products & Engineering | Qualtrics

“I’ve worked with commonFont at a number of different organizations over the years and they always bring something to the table and add value no matter the situation we are in.”

Bill Schimikowski, Senior Director of CX, Drizly

“Working with commonFont and implementing the Segment-Qualtrics integration was one of the best decisions I made while standing up our CX program. We were able to cut a three-month integration down to one.”

Connie Wang, Director of Customer Insights | Imperfect Foods

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