Who We Are

Our people-first approach to Experience Management

We set out to create something more thoughtful, caring, and innovative when we founded commonFont. As an organization, we aim to positively impact our team, clients, and communities in ways that are recognizable immediately and transformative over time. 


Our business model encourages long-term investment in employee growth and development. We are united by our values, culture, and commitment to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion within our organization and beyond.


We deliver cutting edge technology consultation and solutions for the world’s top companies, and we do so from our home base of Bozeman, Montana, and east coast office in Providence, Rhode Island.


We believe in making enduring contributions to our communities by partnering with local organizations that do good.

Our Vision

A world where technology serves and promotes the experiences, relationships, and aspirations of all people.

Our Name

The inspiration for commonFont’s name was taken from a fountain in a public piazza in Italy; spring-fed, ever-flowing, and shared by everyone in the community. For the clients, employees, and communities we serve, commonFont plays a similar role. We are a source of connections with others, shared benefits, and continuous learning and renewal.