Our Team

We’re on a mission to create exceptional experiences for clients, expansive opportunities for teammates, and enduring contributions for communities
Who We Are

Executive Team

Abby Schlatter

CEO & Co-Founder

Abby Schlatter is commonFont’s CEO and a co-founder of the company. Abby started commonFont in 2013, inspired by the potential to deliver value and impact for clients and create rich and rewarding employment experiences for teammates. Abby’s prior experience includes executive leadership, strategy, operations, and sales across diverse industries, including technology, education, and the industrial sector. Abby earned an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business and graduated summa cum laude from Harvard College.

Matt Fulton

Chief Customer Officer

Joel Maxwell

Managing Director of People Operations & Head of the Providence Office

Aaron Demro

Managing Director of Operations

“commonFont was founded with the belief that technology is most powerful in the hands of creative, thoughtful, solution-oriented teams. We make technology work for people—not the other way around.”

Abby Schlatter, CEO & Co-founder
Who We Are

Our commonFont Values

Spirit of Service

We think about the common or collective good. We demonstrate empathy, which includes stepping into others’ shoes to consider how they experience circumstances and anticipating needs before realized.

Problem Solving with Grit

We apply good judgment and calibrate based on feedback, enabling us to solve problems with curiosity and creativity. We overcome obstacles because we are scrappy and tenacious.


We care about outcomes. Ownership grows over time, as a reflection of individuals applying their initiative, knowledge, and talent to solve problems.

Continuous Learning & Improvement

We believe that talents are not fixed, but developed over time through hard work, good strategies, and input from others. We are introspective, open to change, and resilient when we hit stumbling blocks.

Commitment to Excellence

Commitment means we are engaged and we care. Excellence means that we produce work that we are proud of and outcomes that create value for clients, teammates, and long-term commonFont success.

Join Our Team

Our people approach their work with passion, curiosity, and a drive to innovate and improve. Come join us!
Who We Are

Teammate Spotlight

Claire Dowling

Enterprise Account Executive

“At commonFont, I have teammates who challenge and support me. I thrive in a collaborative environment where we work with everyone’s input to create the most optimal solutions for clients.”

Before commonFont:
I grew up in Oklahoma, studied industrial engineering and management at Oklahoma State University, and worked as a software consultant in Dallas, Texas.

My favorite part of commonFont’s company culture is:
Experiencing the humor and collegiality with which we interact. As our Chief Emoji Officer (CEO) on Slack, I create new emojis that are fresh and relevant to our goals as a company. I really enjoy weaving elements of our culture into our team’s daily communication.

Kyle Douglass

Senior Manager of Operations

“What I am most proud of is being able to work alongside new teammates as a ‘buddy’ for someone who is onboarding. As a new person, your buddy is your lifeline and support—we hire great people, and I enjoy being involved with helping them hit the ground running.”

Before commonFont:
I graduated with an electrical engineering degree. I met commonFont at the Montana State University career fair and felt drawn to work with clients while still advancing the technical skills that I had learned in school.

My favorite part of commonFont’s company culture is:
Being part of a group of people that are empathetic and passionate about what they do. We have a high-achieving team. It’s impressive to watch the ways that my coworkers are succeeding and striving for great outcomes, both for their clients and in their personal lives.