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Activate and extend your XM platform
commonFont is your guide to designing the modern Experience Management tech stack and harnessing its capabilities. We can help you leverage your XM Platform and adjacent technologies to connect and consolidate the data that matters, increase customer-centricity, and amplify insights.

XM Technology Stack | Systems of:


Solicited and unsolicited feedback, from all channels.


Create a single, identity-resolved view of each customer.


Derive and contextualize insights.


Personalize based on customer behaviors and preferences.


Take action and transform experiences in real-time.

Propel your program forward

Reach customers at critical moments in their journey through intelligent XM technology builds and streamlined integrations. With a track record of on-time, on-budget, and high-impact implementations, we apply our proven methodology and expertise to your program to ensure exceptional customer experiences and remarkable results for your business.


Navigate transformation

Considering a technology change, modernization, consolidation, or upleveling? Through deep discovery and thoughtful design, we develop and execute a migration and change management plan that facilitates adoption, ensures business continuity, and maximizes your return on investment.

How We Help Clients

Teammate Spotlight

Daniel Bruce

Senior Manager

“My favorite part of working with our clients is hearing about a diverse set of business applications for XM. It’s rewarding to help clients across many industries become better connected to their customers.”

Client Solutions Experience
Robust and scalable solution design that meets nuanced needs, integrates with existing technological infrastructure and positions our clients for lasting success.

Most Proud of:
Working with a large financial services firm to expand their XM platform and achieve greater customer-centricity.

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