confluence returns in 2022

It’s been two years since commonFont last hosted confluence, the premier in-person summit for Experience Management (XM) professionals. We are excited to welcome our community of clients, partners, and practitioners to Bozeman when confluence returns, September 12-14, 2022. 

In 2019, leading minds in XM gathered at confluence to learn, share, and support one another in setting ambitious goals. Since then, many of these goals came to fruition, and rapid advancements in XM technology have paved the way for continued innovation.

Here are three key learnings from confluence 2019 that have taken shape over the past two years. We look forward to building on these themes and ideas in 2022:
The future of XM is human

During our 2019 summit, commonFont’s CEO, Abby Schlatter, shared a framework for a holistic view of the end-to-end customer experience. According to Abby, an experience goes beyond a single interaction that a customer has with your brand. An experience is personal (defined by perceptions), contextualized (influenced by past and future interactions), and dynamic (evolving and evocative of an emotional response). Experience management, therefore, is powered by these uniquely human qualities and motivated by positive human outcomes. 

People-centric design fuels advancement

In 2019, commonFont predicted a fundamental shift from legacy, survey-centric program design to the dynamic, people-centric future of Experience Management. This evolution has unfolded at a scale even beyond our predictions. In the age of personalization, a people-centric XM strategy aims to connect and remember customer behavior, interactions, and feedback across channels and technologies. To leverage this strategy successfully, comprehensive data frameworks are a foundational tool.

Culture and connection drive organizational CX transformation

confluence attendees gained insight into guiding principles for customer-centric evolution. Industry leaders shared the following:

“To shift the narrative in your organization, establish a Service Culture through ongoing investment in EX, measurement programs that collect high-quality data in real-time, and accountability across stakeholder groups.” VP of Guest Services | Global Entertainment

“Meet clients, employees, and your organization where they are. Address high priority issues that impact experience, co-create with your customers, and don’t let perfection prevent progress.” SVP of Client Feedback | Financial Services

“Engagement grows with connection. When teams share responsibility, adversity, achievements, and impact, the individuals on those teams experience a greater connection to their work.” Joel Maxwell, Managing Director of People Operations | commonFont

Looking ahead

The commonFont team can’t wait to connect with our community at confluence 2022. Together we’ll explore the evolving XM technology landscape, share forward-looking program strategy, and work to understand the drivers of customer-centric transformation. 

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