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Providence, RI: A burgeoning tech scene and commonFont’s newest home

Why we chose Providence, RI, for our East Coast headquarters.

A revitalized downtown, a vibrant business community, and classic New England charm. These are just a few of the attributes our team has enjoyed since choosing Providence, Rhode Island for commonFont’s East Coast expansion in 2019. Providence shares similarities with our company’s HQ in Bozeman; both cities are large for their region, punch above their weight class, offer beautiful natural resources, and are home to desirable communities for teammates to put down roots and grow in their personal and professional lives. Just four years after establishing our Providence office, our team has more than doubled, and our East Coast Headquarters has become a thriving hub for business operations. Here are a few factors that make Providence a place where we can expertly serve our three stakeholders: teammates, clients, and community members.

Vibrant Tech Community

The tech ecosystem in Providence has gained momentum in recent years. The city is home to a growing number of innovative tech startups and collaborative workspaces. This thriving community fosters idea-sharing and networking opportunities–a favorable environment for our business’s growth! 

Top Talent and Universities

Providence’s proximity to Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) was a significant draw for us. These institutions attract top-tier talent and produce graduates with exceptional skills and creativity. We have recruited teammates directly from universities in Rhode Island and Massachusetts by developing partnerships with career services and professors, as well as through mentorship opportunities with the professionals on our team. It is powerful and special to develop thriving opportunities within our communities and retain exceptional talent in the area. 

Access to Major Markets

Situated in the Northeast, Providence offers easy access to major markets, including Boston and New York City. This strategic location allows us to expand our reach and engage with clients in person as we tackle complex challenges and goals together. 

Quality of Life

Providence provides an exceptional quality of life. The city’s vibrant arts and cultural scene, including galleries, theaters, and venues, contribute to a rich and diverse community. The culture of Providence allows employees to come to work and be challenged, and also enjoy the city’s proximity to beautiful coastal areas and historic charm. We like to say we get 365 beach days each year! 

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