Digital Experience

Develop a holistic view of your customer, in-person and online

Options for every stage of your Digital journey

Achieve your Digital program goals with modular offerings that can be packaged to best fit your organization’s needs.

commonFont Digital Offerings

Always on Feedback
commonFont helps you understand where customers experience friction on your website and target resource investment towards areas that will generate the greatest impact.
  • Reveal blind spots & implement improvements
  • Deliver self-service-resources to customers
Support For Mobile App

A dedicated resource supports your team with embedding and triggering surveys in a mobile app environment.

  • Expand feedback program to in-app experiences
Web Analytics Integration

Bring key metrics into your digital analytics tool (e.g. Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics) to design, build, and enable your team to manage and expand the integration.

  • Bring feedback data into the digital analytics team’s preferred tool
Behavioral Feedback

Implement a behavioral intercept to better understand customer needs and motivations. A standard use case falls into one of the following categories: exit intent, time on site + random sampling based on percentage, or end of interaction (e.g. order placed).

  • Uncover journey-based insights
  • Lay the foundation for digital program expansion
Customer Profiles in XiD

Capture digital touchpoints in Qualtrics XiD. commonFont works with your team to design the data architecture, link digital intercepts to the directory, and establish a scalable data model.

  • Populate customer information details in XiD
  • Create opportunities to engage with customers about their digital experiences

Why Digital?

Create a frictionless experience

Embed feedback mechanisms at critical touchpoints

Uplevel personalization

Collect customer data and leverage learnings

Maximize the value of your investment

Gain insight into the investments that go furthest

Enhance in-person experiences

Integrate CX data with technology tools like your CRM

Digital Experience

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Create Seamless Experiences

Today’s customers expect to be known—not targeted. In order to win, businesses must remember customer preferences across digital and physical spaces.