Financial Services Company Leverages Opportunities for Automation

commonFont works closely with our technology partners and clients to identify best practices for data integration and automation. We work with a well-known financial services company in this capacity today, delivering program design and guidance as part of our Managed Services. 

The Challenge

Our client uses a deeply technical multi-platform approach to collect customer feedback. However, legacy code and the impending deprecation of a custom hierarchy management tool added a level of uncertainty to their primary transactional survey program.

The Approach

Our team worked with stakeholders across multiple groups to identify an ideal replacement solution for hierarchy management. In the meantime, we negotiated an extension of the sunset date with our tech partner, allowing our client’s main priorities to proceed uninterrupted while our team explored solutions. After identifying a data source, we implemented nightly file delivery and processing of the client’s organizational data. Ultimately, automation of the file delivery ensures the accuracy of the client’s primary transactional survey program reporting. 

The Results

Time Savings

Our team introduced scalable, automated efficiencies to recurring initiatives. This reduced effort to deliver processes, and freed up client and service team capacity to focus on other high-value initiatives.

Accuracy Improvements

Prior to implementing the new process, organizational hierarchy information was often inaccurate or outdated, creating churn for the business, and often resulting in the need for servicing hours to make corrections. 

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