Imperfect Foods

Today’s best-in-class experience management programs rely on a steady stream of comprehensive, real-time customer data in order to contextualize outreach at critical moments in the customer journey.

Integrations between XM platforms and other customer-centric platforms offer a solution to elegantly and rapidly scale experience management by leveraging multiple technologies already embedded in an organization’s operations.

The Challenge

Imperfect Foods, a digitally based grocery delivery service fighting food waste, wanted to understand the customer’s experience from signing up for service online to delivery at the customer’s doorstep.

The Approach

commonFont partnered with Imperfect Foods to develop a bidirectional, real-time integration between the organization’s Customer Data Platform, Segment, and its XM platform, Qualtrics. Leveraging commonFont’s CDP integration solution, the business could pass all required customer attributes and transaction information directly to the Qualtrics XM Directory. 

Once activated, the CDP integration enables XM professionals to develop sophisticated and targeted customer outreach programs without relying on internal IT teams to provide operational data from siloed sources.

The Results

Within three weeks of activating the integration, Imperfect Foods:

4-Week Implementation

commonFont’s solution requires less than one hour of client-side IT team involvement

Captured 100%

of Imperfect Foods’ active customer base as contacts within the XM Directory

Enriched 73%

of contact profiles with real-time transaction data within three weeks of activating the integration

With customer profiles at their fingertips, the customer experience team is now able to generate highly targeted sampling and survey automation schemes directly within XM Directory. This includes traditional email to web survey campaigns and the introduction of targeted digital outreach to seek feedback on food quality directly within web or mobile channels.

The best part? CX teams can spend their time listening and acting on experience feedback at the right moments, from the right customers, in the right channel, instead of spending time sourcing the data needed to reach out to customers efficiently at scale.

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