Enhancing Employee Engagement: How commonFont Enabled a Client to Migrate and Transform their EX Program

Healthcare insurance employee experience

commonFont helped a leading health insurer increase flexibility & align toward best practices in employee experience (EX).

The Challenge:

A leading health insurer needed to update a cumbersome and limited employee experience program. Seeking a solution that could offer flexibility, self-service, and easy adoption of best practices, they partnered with commonFont to migrate their employee engagement program and meet emerging business needs.

commonFont Solutions Consultant speaks with clients about Employee Experience.

The Approach:

Through in-depth consultation and guidance, commonFont worked with our client to activate their investment in the Qualtrics employee experience platform. The commonFont team led our client through the transformation of their employee engagement program by tailoring Qualtrics’ EX25 methodology to improve the quality and actionability of employee feedback received. This was coupled with expert reporting design to reveal key driver insights while retaining employee anonymity and trust.

The Results:

With the new program in place, our client is able to analyze nine key driver insights. Additionally, commonFont helped our client become fully enabled for self-serve wave launches and ad hoc analyses. After the successful transformation of the engagement program, our client again partnered with commonFont to implement a holistic, peer assessment of performance within their senior leadership team and is now expanding to employee lifecycle touch points.


  • Breadth and scope: Pilot has expanded to the full scope of employees 
  • Touch points: Engagement, Lifecycle (Exit), and Employee 360s
  • Departments: Over 10 different departments represented
  • Self-Service Enabled: Fully enabled for self-serve wave launches and ad hoc analyses
  • 83% Response rate across employees in the first engagement wave 
  • 100% Participation from Senior Leadership in Employee 360s 
  • 9 Key driver industry benchmarks analyzed