A Leader in Telecom Achieves Greater Customer Centricity

Today’s customer demands a seamless experience across all journey points and channels. For our client, a leading global telecommunications company, commonFont delivers XM Ongoing Services across multiple business units. Our team provides a consistent advisory perspective across siloed stakeholders and ensures that investments in XM technology are leveraged for maximum impact.

The Challenge

Our client’s Digital Insights Team sought guidance to enhance their ability to listen for signals, analyze feedback, and take action as part of a true best-in-class XM program.

The Approach

commonFont partnered with the client to audit existing surveys, conduct discovery for areas of the business deserving future focus, and support the client’s ability to administer the XM platform. Our team presented a data-driven assessment of the client’s program that spoke upward to executives and enabled a shift to strategic execution.

The Results

After assessing the program, commonFont helped the Insights team develop an enterprise XM program that ensures customer needs and preferences are known and factored into every aspect of the business.

We executed a full restructuring of the survey format that:

  1. Improved response rates and actionability of feedback
  2. Identified and implemented new listening points
  3. Optimized the survey-taking experience

Through this work, our client made strides in their journey to evolve their program from passive feedback gathering to action-based XM that places the needs of their customers at the heart of their business decisions.

Key Program Statistics

  • Enterprise-wide XM effort spanning 26+ live survey programs in 25+ countries and 11 languages
  • Feedback captured from 13,300 retail locations/call centers, digital feedback across eight websites and three apps
  • 1.8 MM survey responses annually
  • 25,000 active users across 20+ roles

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