Reinventing Technology Solutions, Service, and the Potential of Work

At commonFont, we deliver cutting edge technology solutions for the world’s top companies, and we do so from our home base of Bozeman, Montana, and East Coast office in Providence, Rhode Island. Our business model encourages long-term investment in client success, employee growth and development, and community sustainability. Our people approach their work with passion, curiosity, and a drive to innovate and improve. We need your help to build the world’s most outstanding organization!

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Big Challenges

Most of our clients are easily recognizable as among the largest and most successful enterprises in the world, in industries as diverse as financial services, automotive, telecommunications, and retail. We help these clients implement and use XM technology to harness big data, analyze the results, and develop insights to improve the customer experience they deliver. In our work, we routinely tackle technology and business challenges like these:

  • Architect powerful, integrated, and scalable systems that deliver a consolidated view of customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • Design and build reporting dashboards that drive user engagement and action
  • Develop and implement workflows that facilitate ‘closing the loop’ with customers to recover relationships and build loyalty
  • Guide clients to innovate relentlessly and evolve their XM platforms and organizations over the long term, maximizing the return on their technology investments

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Big Opportunities

We are building the world’s most awesome company. Here’s how:
  1. We deliver the best. With every piece of work that we touch, we create exceptional solutions and experiences. We continuously seek opportunities to improve and do even better the next time. What are the business ramifications of this approach? Our clients win, and we help them do it.
  2. Our people are our purpose. commonFont exists to develop exceptional people and connect them with amazing clients. We create a space in which people can serve, learn, collaborate, and flourish, and the benefits generated through this exchange are shared by all.
  3. We are disrupting the As-a-Service model. Cloud-based technologies create demand for high-quality professional services that can be delivered from anywhere and by anyone who has the requisite skills, experience, and drive to serve. This democratization has enabled us to craft and deliver a new services model focused on empowering clients, sharing knowledge, and innovating to create value.
Are you eager to contribute your talents, ideas, and ambitions to building a team, an organization, and your career?

Big Rewards

Here’s what we can offer in a job at commonFont:

  • Performance and satisfaction achieved through autonomy, mastery, and purpose.
  • An opportunity to help create the company and the job of your dreams.
  • Training and processes that support and facilitate success. All commonFont employees receive intensive product training and go on to become certified XM technology professionals.
  • Personal growth and transformation driven by the company’s growth mindset and culture of continuous learning.
  • Clients and teammates who rock your world. We serve the world’s top enterprises, and we do so with a team of individuals who are fun, collaborative, and care deeply about your success.
  • Big city job, big city opportunities (minus traffic, plus mountains). We have the privilege of living and working out of Bozeman, Montana. Stop by for a visit and learn why we’re passionate about the environment in which we live and work.
  • Tech company commonFont picked Bozeman over Silicon Valley