Enrich Digital Insights With a Session Replay Tool

A comprehensive Digital strategy combines survey data with information from supplemental tools to contextualize and enrich feedback, combat survey fatigue, and minimize disruption to the customer. One such tool is Session Replay technology, which allows CX teams to reproduce and review an individual customer’s interactions with a website or mobile application.

While Digital experience programs seek to understand and improve customer interactions, Session Replay tools provide a lightweight, targeted approach to better understand and address the causes of friction or frustration within those interactions.

Unlike a pure survey-based program, a Digital experience program that incorporates in-the-moment feedback from Session Replay effectively shifts the focus from collecting customer thoughts on you to improving their experience with your digital product. By directly observing users, your team gains the ability to understand the individual human behind every rage click, bounce, or conversion, in addition to gathering and learning from aggregated insights.

Session Replay can help you identify pain points and reduce friction–and with targeted design, you can amplify the impact of the data you collect while reducing the time it takes to gain insights and make improvements to your digital product. To make the most of Session Replay, CX teams need resources aligned to interpret data, as well as pathways to surface insights for taking action. Where session capture or team capacity for review is limited, a Services partner can help you recognize your most critical customer journeys and apply Session Replay in the moments that matter.

How commonFont can help:

  • Develop a cohesive digital-experience strategy that aligns listening programs with business objectives and the individuals at your organization that can take action
  • Activate a Session Replay integration to link individual survey responses with the associated replay
  • Deeply understand and design for the moments that matter most in your customer journey
  • Support outer loop improvements through processes that identify individual user friction points and address them at scale
  • Develop pathways and connection points to share insights across your organization

Starting with your objectives, cF designs and integrates digital solutions to meet business needs. Working with leading technologies like Contentsquare, Quantum Metric, and Qualtrics, commonFont can help integrate Session Replay insights with your feedback platform, allowing teams to collect and unify data and take action that improves the customer experience. 

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