Four takeaways from Qualtrics X4

It was electrifying to be surrounded by XM professionals at X4, the Qualtrics Experience Management Summit. Our team was proud to be a Platinum sponsor of the event, and we walked away with a few key takeaways:

The next era of XM is human-centric

Today’s Experience Management requires organizations to emphasize empathy-driven personalization and human-centricity. To create exceptional experiences, teams must be empowered to take real-time contextualized action. Declining survey response rates, a proliferation of new channels to express feedback, increasing customer expectations, and improved integrations between feedback platforms and the broader tech stack all contribute to this human-centric shift. 

Frontline engagement is key to acting in the moment

Your frontline is where EX meets CX. With technology-enabled advancements like natural language processing, always-on digital intercepts, predictive analytics, and AI, frontline workers like call center and support agents can be empowered to intercept and influence experiences in flight. 

commonFont teammates engaging at X4

Customer data is plentiful, but customer insight is rare

Uncovering the story behind your data is a necessary step in order to unlock its true value. In the panel discussion, “Evolve from a ‘Satisfied’ Customer to ‘Emotionally Engaged,’” commonFont CEO Abby Schlatter shared strategies for organizing data to drive personalization and emotional engagement. “Data is everywhere,” said Schlatter, “making data work for humans requires understanding the individual customer or employee, searching for the root problem in high-friction experiences, and implementing solutions that span people, technology, and processes.”

CX leaders must transition from experience measurement to experience management 

It’s no longer enough to collect feedback data. As commonFont service leader, Matt Fulton stated in his session “Moving Beyond Legacy Loyalty Metrics,” it’s time to move away from experience measurement and into the new era of Experience Management – an era that gets the right experience to the right customer in real-time. To do so, Experience leaders must leverage technology to build a robust orchestration and management layer on top of existing CX measurement components.

How will you put your X4 learnings into action? commonFont would love to be your guide. From advisory to implementation to ongoing managed services, commonFont helps Qualtrics users make the most of their investments in technology. Any questions for us? Schedule a call with a member of our team below:

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