A well known investment management company diversifies their feedback program

Our client has a stellar reputation for empowering their customers through a client-first culture. But in the age of experience, you need more than an annual relationship survey to track CX across multiple support channels. They turned to commonFont to help expand listening points along the customer journey and close the loop on feedback.

The Challenge

One of the world’s largest investment management companies wanted to capture more diverse feedback along the customer journey. While their clients opened an account, engaged with call centers, or made appointments with advisors, the company received little feedback about experience outside of annual NPS survey responses. The organization recognized a need to expand and advance its XM program and sought partnership in envisioning and executing a path forward.

The Approach

commonFont partnered with the client to deliver tailored guidance and impact-focused platform design. Our team conducted research to pinpoint opportunities for feedback within client interactions and designed the financial service company’s first transactional program, an after-call satisfaction survey. From there, we managed program implementations and expansions, creating a total of 14 transactional and omnichannel survey programs.

The Results

Success came in the form of diversified client voices and significant increases in the amount of feedback data being collected. With an expanded XM program, our client has access to feedback from different types of customer interactions, specifically transactional (call center, help desk, etc.) and journey-based touchpoints, making the customer’s voice richer for the client’s VOC team and the broader executive team. 

By pulling survey data from our client’s XM platform into a data visualization tool, they are now able to compare segmentation data with feedback data. This allows them to get a better understanding of how customers are feeling today, and also predict what they will want and need in the future. 

Key Program Stats

  • Increase in survey volume by ~450k responses since transactional program launched
  • 23% response rate exceeds industry average

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