Level Up CX Engagement With Advisory Services

Our advisory offerings are powerful engagements that help clients truly understand and advocate for taking Experience Management to the next level. Together, we can chart a path towards a best-in-class, automated, and sustainable XM program. 

The Approach

During the CoreCX audit for one of our clients, a global financial services firm, the commonFont team found that only 23% of users are actively engaged with their CX technology platform. We found several variables that could be associated with low engagement:

  • The value and actionability of the data they were collecting
  • The design of reporting on the program
  • The ways they coach and train their teams on their program.

The Results

Marrying audit learnings with program goals and objectives shared by the client, the commonFont team created a strategy and a game-plan to move the needle closer to achieving organizational goals.

Through our advisory services offering, we helped our client recognize and document the current state of their CX platforms and programs to identify opportunities for improvement, evolution, and innovation. We also provided easily attainable recommendations to capitalize on those opportunities. 

Managing embedded and impactful XM programs is challenging! At commonFont, we are all about a good challenge. I love that our advisory offerings allow us to dig deeply into technical designs, learn about how client teams advocate for customers, and identify challenges in how they tackle program/platform management and organizational adoption.

Abby Lair, Sr. Manager