Envisioning and activating an omnichannel XM Program for a global biotech company

Scientists in a lab

Our client keeps patients and physicians front and center in their daily work, providing insight into neurological diseases. In addition to scientific breakthroughs, our client wanted to create breakthrough digital experiences for patients. 

The Challenge

Our client an XM program that focused on patient and provider experience through the lifelong journey of discovery, diagnosis, and treatment. 

The Approach

Our client’s website is critical for helping patients and providers navigate each phase of treatment. commonFont implemented a program that pairs consistent listening design with custom reporting tailored to specific areas of the website. Our joint teams leveraged the power of digital experience feedback to promote awareness of patient and provider experience across the entire organization. 

The Results

After driving internal engagement through the digital program, commonFont and our client conducted a program roadmap workshop to align and map future experience management initiatives to the organization’s business objectives. Our joint teams identified high-priority opportunities to expand the program into two additional channels that encompass patient services, provider experience, and field sales. In less than one year, the program has built strong internal leadership support, and an evolving channel strategy enables continuous improvement of lifelong treatment plans.